mongodb – mongo, replication and sharding – how to access the data if all replicas, except one, failed?

I have a shared mongo configuration and replicated with the following servers:

fragment 1: sh1_r1, sh1_r2, sh1_r3, sh1_r4
Sharing 2: sh2_r1, sh2_r2, sh2_r3, sh2_r4
configuration servers (replicas): c1, c2, c3

The sh1_r4 and sh2_r4 servers replicate in a different / secondary datacenter.

Suppose the primary domain controller has disconnected and want to quickly access the data stored on the remaining replicas of the secondary domain controller (sh1_r4 and sh2_r4). I have a backup copy of a configuration server replica just before the primary domain controller went offline and restored a configuration server.

How can I access the data? At the moment, nothing wants to start properly, because the servers can not find any other replica members.

My main motivation is to be able to quickly run a clone database production and use it to test the development code.