motorola – I have a problem with my Motrola E4 with imei and airplane mode enabled

Motorola E4 model xt1678

In principle, the error was imei 0
I took it to the technical service but they could not fix it, they told me that it was inside, but it was not displayed during the composition * # 06 # said imei 0

After inserting the SIM card, it tells me to remove the Airplane mode and that the effect had the same defect of a G4 bike that repairs using the response of acejavelin.

and I work perfectly on the g4 and repairs it.

I thought that with the Motorola E4 it would work and that it was not the case now, I change the imei of 0 to a value different from that of the original and when I put * # 06 #, the number appears but tells me, I would like to know. how can i fix the flaws of this model and repair what has already been caused, thanks a lot.