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MultiFileMirror helps you share / download your files quickly and effortlessly. All you have to do is upload your file to our server once, then it is automatically uploaded to other file hosting sites such as Solidifies,, Zippyshare, etc. Once the file loaded on our server, a link will be assigned to you. on the download page that contains all the download links.
A flawless stay

  • File download method: local download without registration. Remote Upload, FTP and URL also possible if you create a free account.
  • Supported download hosts: Choice of 20 hosts (30 with one account) out of a possible total of 44.
  • Maximum file size: 500 MB or 600 MB with an account
  • Other notes: desktop application available for downloading files. Can download 5 files at a time (increases to 10 with a free account)
  • Virtual Analysis: 400MB UPTO File Size Supported
  • If you need an account with a 1GB download support, tell me your username and we will update your account.
If you have suggestions for us, do not hesitate to tell us. We would do our best to implement that.

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A flawless stay