multitenancy – Is it advisable to have one microservice per tenant?

I have just a few tenants on my application right now, but the number is going to increase over time. The processing logic for each tenant is slightly different from each other and right now the logic for each tenant is residing in the same microservice.

From a best practice viewpoint, is it a good idea to create individual microservice for each tenant given that each tenant has different processing logic, and over time with increased number of tenants it might become messy to incorporate multiple tenants in the same microservice.

More update on what my application is doing –

I am aggregating data from users, where different tenants are submitting forms that have different schema. Now, what I want to do is have one microservice per tenant that will convert the data into a common schema on which I’m going to do further processing and push to my DB. Right now, I’m finding a bit too many if else cases with my implementation, thinking if there’s a better way to do this.