My messages are marked as spam after my transfer to a new host

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Hi Ngaia,

Thank you for trying A2! I'm sorry to learn the problem you are having, but I'm sure we can get to the bottom of things.

I would really appreciate the opportunity to deepen this issue and see if we can solve it for you. For me to be able to do this, could you provide me with a ticket ID that I can reference or a personal message with the primary domain name associated with your account?

here is one of my tickets: # OSA-606-16781 – my website does not display new content

I had 2 problems, but of them is gone, maybe you are merging it.

BTW, it was not 24 hours, I was over 42 hours. Please, take a look.

I asked to support the agent 2/3 times. They always said that they would inform me, but never, and I doubted that my problem would ever be solved. so I'm going back to my old host, sorry if I cause you a bad reputation here.