mysql – Column in query should be selected according to value from another column

Assuming I have table1 with following data:


id| coffee_sender | coffee_receiver | received_bag_size | sent_bag_size| price |
21  tux              -1                  m                 -1            45 
22  alsa            -1                  -1                 xl            36
23  -1               tux                 l                 -1            51

And I use the following query:

select t1.*
from (
select t.price,
from table1 t 
where coffee_sender in (tux, alsa) 
or coffee_receiver in (tux, alsa)
and received_bag_size in (m, xl)
or sent_bag_size in (m, xl)) t1

What i want is to only fetch the rows that have coffee_sender/coffee_receiver AND sent_bag_size/received_bag_size filled with a value (rows that match the following conditions):

coffee_sender = tux, sent_bag_size= xl


coffee_receiver = tux, received_bag_size= m


coffee_sender = tux, sent_bag_size = xl AND coffee_receiver = tux, received_bag_size= m

So id = 21 would be excluded from the example table1.

How can i update the above query for this ? Thank you in advance.