mysql – Error 1064 when configuring a master-slave with GTID

I've tried a lot of things, including installing MySQL clean and nothing worked. I'm using mysqldump (and I will NOT dump the schemas: mysql, performance_Schema, information_schema and sys).

I have 2 channels chosen for 2 different master servers and the first one works fine, but the second one throws this error. As you can see, there is a CREATE statement (underlined in the image), but I do not know where it occurs at all.

The syntax used also seems to be wrong (IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD & # 39; hashed & # 39; does not seem like it's good). Of course, I did not create this statement and even removed the slave from the master and created another slave account with a different name just to make sure, but without change.

Any help would be appreciated, I could not find any question similar to this one. Here is the error.
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