MySQL: syntax error around foreign key assignment

I've put the following text in DB Fiddle to try to debug it. The error is below

Schema error: Error: ER_PARSE_ERROR: You have an error in
your SQL syntax check the manual that corresponds to your
MySQL server version for the correct syntax to use near
& # 39; references frequentVisitorCoupons_coupons (couponId) on
delete cascade) & # 39; to line 9

// the SQL for this error (the first table is referenced in the
// 2nd where the error is
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTED frequentVisitorCoupons_coupons (
couponId mediumint non null auto_increment unique,
primary key (couponId),
totalHits mediumint non null,
isText boolean not null,
imageUrl text (1000)

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS frequentVisitorCoupons_targets (
targetId mediumint non null auto_increment unique,
primary key (targetId),
isSitewide tinyint (1) is not null,
targetUrl varchar (500),
displayThreshold tinyint (5) not null by default 20,
offerCutoff tinyint (5),
fk_coupons_targets mediumint non-unique,
the foreign key fk_coupons_targets refers to frequentVisitorCoupons_coupons (couponId) when removing the cascade

A flawless stay
This is my first attempt at foreign keys. What am I doing wrong above?