mysql – Tkinter Connection – Database

Good night! Guys, I start in the world of programming and today, I was following a tutorial that, for me, was not working and I did not know how to solve the problem, I tried everything. It's about setting a function to a button that sends data from a login screen to the database. It follows below:
def Store ():
name = NameEntry.get ()
email = EmailEntry.get ()
user = UserEntry.get ()
password = PassEntry.get ()
Db_Login.cursor.execute ("" "insert into users (name, email, login, password)
values ​​(?,?,?,?) "" "((name, email, user, password))
Db_Login.connect.commit ()

RegistrarButton = ttk.Button(RightFrame, text="Registrar", width=35, command=Armazenar)

When I click the function button, it displays the following errors:

Exception in the Tkinter callback
Traceback (last most recent call):
File "C: Users celio AppData Local Programs Python Python37 lib tkinter__init __. Py", line 1705, in call
returns self.func (* args)

File "C: /Users/celio/PycharmProjects/TKINTER/", line 66, in Store
values ​​(?,?,?,?) "" "((name, email, user, password))

File "C: Users celio PycharmProjects cursopython venv lib sites-packages pymysql", line 168, in execution
query = self.mogrify (query, arguments)

"C: Users celio PycharmProjects cursopython venv lib site-packages pymysql" file, line 147, in Mogrify
query = request% self._escape_args (args, conn)
TypeError: Not all arguments are converted during string formatting