mysql – What password to give here?

Before asking my question, I would like to tell you the background of my problem. I have installed MYSQL Workbench 8.0. When I installed it for the first time, it worked fine, but I installed xamp, when I started using SQL in xamp indicates an error, that is most likely the port error. My friend suggested me to remove all other SQL applications, so I opened the control panel, go to the uninstallation software and install all files starting or containing the word MYSQL. Then xamp started working but after a few days, my university teacher tells me that you can install MYSQL Workbench and xamp simultaneously but what you need to do is change the port to xamp so everything will be fine. After that, I change the port number of MYSQL in xamp and test it, that is to say that it works well. It worked well, and then I started installing MYSQL Workbench 8.0. It is blocked at this point, shown in the following figure

This picture shows where I'm stuck

He asks for a password, I forgot the password that I gave earlier.
I will be very grateful if someone helped to move to this stage.