NameCheap has manually disabled the privacy of my Whois at the request of Adobe.

So, after 14 years of owning and developing a website, Adobe Inc decided that they liked the name and that they wanted it themselves. So they filled out a UDRP request.

On the basis of this statement, manually turned off whois privacy for about 5 to 6 of my domain names, thus violating my privacy and European law GDPR. They have exposed my personal information, my home address and my phone number to the internet, so that a multi-billion-person company can collect personal information about me in order to use it against me, for example, see what other areas I own might want.

In addition to violating my privacy, they also blocked the renewal of the domain The name that Adobe wants is that the domain will expire in about a month, and they hope I will lose it in the UDRP claim / dispute when the transfer is to be blocked, but NOT the renewal of the domain name.

According to ICANN's terms: "does not affect the resolution of the domain name or the renewal of the domain name ".

For me it is a clear and simple abuse.

I recently contacted ICANN, and both NameCheap the tickets have no answer, they have more than a week: DMD-633-86364 and POD-575-36940
If NameCheap wants to explain here, please do it.