navigation – Correct “Back” button behaviour in CRUD-like web application

I’m going to simplify the scenario I’m woking on.

In my CRUD-like application I have several lists of entities and an associated create-new-entity-form that I can reach clicking on a link in the related list, some thing like this:

Entity List of A --> Create new A
Entity List of B --> Create new B
Entity List of C --> Create new C

In each form I have a “back” link that redirects to the related list page.

But I have an exception in my app: a form that can be reached from several pages.

Now, I’d like to put a “back” button also in this form but I have some doubts about which back-page redirect to…

I thought about making the back-page contextual, so if I reach the form from page x, I’ll go back to x ans so on… but I don’t know if this is a correct behaviour for it.

Any suggestion?