navigation – Multiple tabs vs multiple menu items

I am in the process of designing a new settings part for a section of our Saas. With my non-ux team, we are discussing wheter we should change the overall navigation of this section by removing the tabs and using sub-menu points instead.

For context:

  • The first part is one of the most used of the website which our clients use as well – it’s a list of their devices.
  • The other parts (including the new one to be designed) are different parameters related to the devices (e.g. on-off timer);
  • In each page I see the list of existing parameters and can create a new one (e.g. list of timers).
  • All of these other tabs are used almost only by superadmin during the configuration process. So they are all relevant to the section but only for a specific kind of user.

Is there a better option in this case? I am stuck