Need an developer to take over the site

Over the past year, I have designed and implemented a website based on members using databases, using Visual Studio Express and an SQL database. The site is for people who want to keep a graphic record of virtually everything that is in function of time. Examples can be health numbers, workout numbers, utility bills, nothing really.

The purpose of the site is to allow a member of the non-technical site to easily create and maintain graphic records with a user-friendly interface and without confusion. To this end, the options and user choices regarding the appearance of the graph are limited: there are a multitude of graphic sites that will make a user crazy to simply configure themselves, by selecting fonts, a type graphs, colors, chart types, and so on. it is not one of these sites. This site is easy to use.

With this site, a user names his categories (Sports, Health, Utilities, Anything) and names the graphics he wants to have in each category. All that remains is to enter the data.

The site is all set up to take paid subscriptions. Users (like anyone who reads this) can try all the features of the site for 3 days for free, after which continued use for 3 years costs $ 15. Currently, the site is asking users not to pay for an account because I am now in my 80s and I decided that it was too late for me to start a new site without it. no family member is interested in learning what they need. to run the site if something happened to me.

I'm looking for a developer interested in taking charge of and managing the site for himself. I put this opinion here because that is where people with the right skills / interests could see it. If you have a possible interest, you can check it all here:, and I can be contacted via the contact form on this site.