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Hi everybody. I wanted to ask this question some time ago, but real life has been an obstacle.

I was originally on the Australian version of this forum which was removed in March of last year. At the time, I was having problems with people's access to my website despite the denial of intellectual property. I do not have my comments, but I have some answers and one of them said the following;

You can use:

If you want to block IP address ranges via .HTAccess, use the following script

Order Allow, Decline
Decline from
Allow everyone

Or you can use this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond% {REMOTE_ADDR} ^ 66 .249 .74 .
RewriteRule ^ – [F]

I hope it works for you

The first is what I was doing already, so I focused on the second one and had trouble thinking about it when the Australian forum was removed.

Since then, I've had other problems that I think I can solve in the HTAccess file, but I'm not sure. And that is to add a disclaimer to website references. Someone trying to access my site uses, for example, and I would like to block this instead of the individual address ranges that change from time to time. More importantly – there was one (I can not think of the name of it over my head) that showed his name in Stat Counter, but the IP address was the one I had already blocked (his own original). I think blocking this site will put a brake on that.

More recently, although someone else uses Google Translate to access my site and also uses (which should not have my site because my code forbids archiving on my website ). I sent them an email asking them to delete these pages and their reason, but I guess I will have to block this site as well.

My website service provider was hopeless. They insisted that intellectual property problems did not come back when this issue first broke out – and Stat Counter told me a different story. I would appreciate a little help here if possible. And please be patient as I am a bit of a noob with these kinds of things.