Need help to understand what I ask …

Hello everyone, thank you in advance for your help. I was trying to keep this demand focused, but as I do not understand exactly what I'm asking, I'm sorry for my confusion.

At the present time, I manually update the HTML data of a website that modifies the cells of a table. Basically, I created a table to mimic a residential building so that each cell represents a property. When a particular property changes status (lists for sale, goes into account, sells), I manually update the corresponding cell with the changes. I would like this process to be more automated in one way or another.

I have the ability to download this data via a CSV file and I do not want to do stories or pay for IDX feeds if possible. I think there must be a way for me to download this data into a CSV file and update the table on the website. Or maybe I have to think of a completely different solution. Whatever it is, I appreciate the help and the discussions on how to solve my problem.

Please note that I do not ask for detailed instructions to do this. In fact, I ask the question because I want to know what to ask when hiring a freelancer. I have a decent amount of knowledge in this area, but I ran into an obstacle.

Enjoy the help!