Need suggestions for an adult content host with FFMPEG for a media sharing site

Hello –

I'm building a site that will allow users to download and sell photos and videos. The site will use WordPress with several plugins to activate my particular use case.

To this end, I am looking for suggestions from web hosts with the following characteristics:

1) FFMPEG for video coding, thumbnail creation
2) DDOS protection
3) Free generic or reasonably priced SSL certificates
4) Accommodation in Europe or Iceland
5) Shared Hosting (to build MVP, but also wishing to upgrade to VPS)
6) CDN capability
7) Cpanel
8) domain / parking alias
9) Enables adult content (legal as defined by US laws, of course)
10) NGINX Web Server
11) Responsive technical support
12) PHP 4-7, PHP.ini management, .HTACCES management, ImageMagik and GD libraries

What is the reasonable price to pay for shared hosting or VPS for the features listed above?

I've already tried two hosts, and we could not handle WordPress without traffic, oddly enough – will not name names here.

Thank you in advance for the insight.