Need to manage Windows hosting or expert support to install it, possibly on my own VPS


We are nearing the end of developing an + sql web application for customers, and we now face the challenge of deploying it properly.

I worked on a much larger application, hosted by a company called TierPoint, using about 9 VMWare VPS (running on four of our own machines), encryption devices, load balancers, and slots tipping. This architecture was developed by TierPoint for us and is also managed by them, including an Oracle database.

For this new application, I do not need this level of sophistication and I do not want to spend that much. We plan to maintain the application for our client, as well as hosting, but I would like something partially managed or something like Vultr or AWS that I can manage to a minimum.

I want your feedback on the best way to find a resource to help the system architect or a managed host that can help set up the system architecture and configuration, and allow me to evolve as needed .

I'm comfortable with cloud systems, but my experience is limited with respect to 1) good architecture design and 2) windows servers.

Thank you so much…