Need VPS for Twitch Chat Bot

I'm looking for a cheap and unmanaged VPS for a basic chat bot. It's just a lightweight Python script, nothing fancy. The problem is that Twitch uses IRC for their discussions and it seems that IRC applications go against the TOS of many providers.

Although it connects to Twitch via its IRC channel, it is not really an "IRC bot" in the traditional sense of the word, so I wrote to a few vendors that I 've found here to see if this would be allowed. TurnkeyInternet quickly replied that this would not be allowed (with an absolutely crazy amount of unrelated advertising texts). The other provider I wrote,, did not respond at all.

Does any one have any suggestions for a provider? It's a really basic chat bot to use in Twitch streaming, used only by myself and a few friends. The script is lightweight and uses few resources. It is an integral part of the TOS of the Twitch and Twitch APIs. I use it on a basic Linux machine at home for a year, no problem, but I do not want to let the machine run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so I'm looking for a place to host it. I need a basic unmanaged VPS without a control panel, the ones I was looking for cost around $ 5 a month. I would like a supplier with at least a reputation and a record of above average availability time.