network – Connecting to Synology (Not AFP, SMB)

I’m a bit perplexed here and not sure what to check as I’m far more comfortable with Windows than OSX.

I have a fairly straight forward environment. I mainly develop on PC and have GitLab hosted on my Synology DiskStation. Everything works perfectly.

I have enabled AFP and SMB protocols. The Mac absolutely refuses to see anything on the Synology. I can’t see anything in Finder. Even after doing the connect to server thing and using the settings provided by the Synology.


I view GitLab mostly in the browser rather than just the Git CLI. The mac wont even visit the GitLab web page on the Synology.

I’ve no realy idea what to check. This stuff just works from the PC and it’s not like http is crazy protocol to be using.

I’m not sure what to check or investigate. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.