Network – IP Routing with Windows ADD and 2 Network ADD Control

I have 2 networks

NETWORK 1 defined by to 254 (gateway)

NETWORK 2 set by through 254 (DLINK gateway router)

One of my PCs is in network 2 with static IP address

The DLink router is also on network 1 with a static IP address:

My PC is on network 1 with the IP address

I tried to set a route on my PC with

add route MASK -p

but My PC on NETWORK 1 can not ping the other on NETWORK 2

My itinerary is

IPv4 routing table

=============================================== === ======================

Active routes:

Network destination Network mask Adr. Gateway Adr. Metric interface

               35 On link 331 On link 331 On link 331 On link 291 On link 291 On link 291 37 On link 331 On link 291 Link 331 On connection 291

=============================================== === ======================

Do you have an idea ? Thanks in advance !! cordially