network – Need help setting up the Docker Home Media Server

thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Essentially a noob here trying to make this work.

So I try to set up a home media server on Ubuntu 18.04. I did it in a virtual machine on a Windows machine, but recently, a new game console was built and I reuse the old one in a server. Here is my plan, and then the problems. This is on fyi baremetal.

I have a 128sb ssd acting as / and / home to / dev / sda. Here I've used

for the containers to be operational. Everything works fine for a day or two, until Radarr, Sonarr or other containers start giving me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I'm trying to make sense of that and believe it because Docker has dynamic DNS, but I'm not very familiar with networking. I did not have this problem while running on a virtual machine, which was running on Windows with a bridged oracle virtualbox adapter. My thoughts on circumventing this went to a hypervisor and envisioned the proxmox.

Problem 2: I have four 8TB disks in a ZFS RaidZ1. I mounted it under the tank and I used the default dockstarter application to point the data to the drive at / tank / medialibrary / movies and / tank / medialibrary / tv. I installed them in Radarr and Sonarr. It shows my 20.4 TB of storage and seems to send the data, but I just filled my / home file on / dev / sda last night. I use transmissionvpn for torrents. I think this should be a problem with / dev / sda and Zpool can not share data. I've considered turning the boot drive into Zpool, but some people do not seem to like this approach because ZFS is not standard under Linux.

Any help and ideas on how to do this work are appreciated!