network – Several LAG ESXi vDS

Currently, the network design includes 2 switches and each ESXi host has 4 network cards. 2 NICs are connected to switch # 1 and 2 NICs are connected to switch # 2. As these are different switches, it is not possible to create an etherchannel with all 4 NICs. So, the best thing I can do switch side is 2 different etherchannels.

vDS has several port groups. Currently, it uses an active LAG from 2 NICs on switch # 1. The idea would be to enable 2 active LAGs (with the remaining NICs on switch # 2) on the same VDS, but this is not possible (at least I was not allowed to create).

What would be the best configuration to reach both active LAGs for the same port group? Unfortunately, these are just 1G connections and it would be good to have the four active people on the team. Even though it's 2×2.