networking – How to connect a different physical interface to the VPN tun0?

I’d like to allow a computer connected to a physical interface to be directly connected to the VPN.

  • Routing mode VPN network:
  • internal LAN: (irrelevant?)

With the current architecture, the WORKSTATION sends an ARP I can see in the eno1 interface but no reply.

  • eno1:


  1. Which IP the WORKSTATION can use? I set up a random .222 I’m sure it’s unused.
  2. IP forwarding is already set
  3. eno1 has a random IP (never used)

Somehow I need to route all the packets (ARP included) from eno1 to tun0.
Do I need to bridge them? via dev tun0 metric 101 dev tun0 proto kernel scope link src

#private LAN of the VPN server to be accessible from the openvpn clients via dev tun0 metric 101 dev eno1 proto kernel scope link src metric 105