networking – openvpn profile for the connection to palo alto

I'm trying to make an OpenVPN profile to connect to palo alto vpn. I know that they have GlobalProtect for the client side to log in, but this requires a license. In addition, I understand that openvpn clients should be able to connect, so I played with a new configuration profile for macOS and ios, and so far I have not had a chance to connect .

here is the configuration that I have for the moment

dev tun
proto tcp-client remotely 443
resolve-retry infinite
verify-client-cert optional
persistence key
cert-remote server
verb 3

and I continue to have mistakes

        Option error: --client-cert-not-required and --verify-client-cert require a --mode server

I searched on Google, but I found nothing useful.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Note: During the test, the client certificate is set to optional or none, and TLS 1.2 is primarily used for encryption. Authentication is done by username and password.