networking – Unix communication socket how to see the relationship between nodes

On Linux, I could use the ss or netstat -anp command to see TCP and Unix communications. In TCP communication, I could see localIP addresses, local port, peer IP, and peer port. In addition, I could see the PID and the name of the program. But when I see netstat -anp with the Unix part, I could not identify the IP address of the peer. I know that Unix does not use port. But he must show Peer IP in some linux commands.

[k8s@k8s config]$ netstat -anp
(Not all processes could be identified, process information not owned
will not be displayed, you must be root to see everything.)
Active Internet connections (servers and workbenches)
Local Address Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Foreign Address PID Address / Program Name
tcp 0 0* LISTEN -
tcp 0 0* LISTEN -
Active UNIX domain sockets (servers and workstations)
Flags Proto RefCnt Type Status I-Node PID / Program Name Path
unix 2      [ ACC ]     LISTENING COURSES 100174318 - @ / containerd-shim / moby / ebde2be0a20ea82431e38a9af5222540ad86a3049a7896646273783e8e5616dd / shim.sock
unix 2      [ ACC ]     LISTENING TO FLUX 95532948 - @ / containerd-shim / moby / d02dca7b9146fb4cbca3eb26f0a666b5999922c7803d81b28281d9604bb32249 / shim.sock

The output of the linux netstat -anp command is shown above. With the Unix part, I could not identify Peer IP. Could an expert give me guidance on the list of IP addresses of peers? I am doing a network service topology diagram for this purpose.