networking – Using a managed switch for IP NAT translation of the port?

I have a number of LED screens with IP ports. For reasons I will not explain, IP addresses must be static. The firmware is loaded with SD cards. When I duplicate SD cards, all IP addresses are the same for all LED displays. I can not put them on a network at the same time. I do not want to manually edit the IP addresses of SD cards. It would be enough for me to put them back to the parameters as loaded.

I would like to be able to use a 24-port managed switch to convert port addresses to another range. From the outside of the switch, each screen connected to a port would have the same IP address. From inside the switch, it would appear that each port has a unique address. Because traffic is bidirectional, port forwarding does not work. I think NAT is the solution.

Something like:

Port Address Translated from the Port External Input            <-->            <-->            <-->            <-->            <-->

I do not need more than 100M so used, the old material will be fine. This is for a test system, so the failure is relatively OK.

I understand that NAT is a level 3 function normally performed by a router, but I can not find a 12/24/48 port router locally. I can find a lot of managed switches. I've read that the switches in the Cisco 6500 Series can perform the NAT port.

The question is, can I make a NAT port on a managed switch? If yes, which ones? Cisco is relatively common at home.