networking – When connected via a routed OpenVPN can a Windows client Network Neighbourhood auto-populate with machines on a remote LAN?

Client: OpenVPN GUI v2.5 on Windows 7
Server: OpenVPN 2.4 running on a Raspberry Pi at my home LAN.

My home LAN has several connected hosts each with Samba and shares. When connected to it, over a routed OpenVPN, I can map a network drive on the client to get to the hosts and shares. However, the Network Neighbourhood of my Win7 client is not auto-populated with the LAN hosts.

From reading I understand this is because a routed VPN will not pass IP broadcasts while a bridged VPN will. In bridged mode OpenVPN can route ethernet broadcasts and non-IP protocols such as Windows NetBios which is needed for the auto-discovery (into the Windows clients Network Neighbourhood) of hosts on the remote LAN that the OpenVPN server is also running on.

My Question:
Can anyone propose work arounds to achieve this with a routed OpenVPN?
For instance, since the VPN cannot route Netbios (or Web Services – Discovery) broadcast/multicast packets from the home LAN into the VPN subnet, could a process sit in the routed OpenVPN subnet and query the Samba master browser on the remote LAN to get a list of hosts on the LAN and populate the connected Windows clients Network Neighbourhood that way?

Yes this is likely more trouble than just using a bridged VPN but a routed VPN is more efficient and secure. I would prefer not to have all that broadcast traffic eating up my VPN bandwidth… but I still want that auto-populating Network Neighbourhood!

Any other suggestions welcome?