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Dear friends! Today, I am going to present you a new fantastic card game about the planetary war – Battle of Planets.

After long days of development and testing, the game is open to registration for all players.

The Gamer vs. Gamer game mode is already available in Early Access at

Now, the game is in version and available for real Bitcoins and in practice mode (no problem).
There is a 1000 Satoshi Bitcoin faucet every 60 minutes and 10,000 BONUS registration

Game Briefs:

• more than 100 fantastic maps from a distant future, drawn from the parallel universe, with unique and high quality works of art

• Chart graphics have an animation effect that can be disabled in the settings menu

• Premium account allows you to see enemy statistics (skills) before the fight and offers a slot for additional cards

• option to purchase an additional card slot without a premium account

• minimum stake after 0.00001 BTC or 1,000 satoshis – about $ 0.04

• 1% commission

• affiliate system: your profit will earn 0.5% of the sum of all the player's bets, you have invited 3 levels

• The winner wins by excluding 1% (0.5% of game commission, 0.5% of affiliate rewards)

• During the battle, players can communicate with each other by chat

• reloading account with Bitcoins and other payment systems

• cash withdrawal within 24 hours maximum, commission fees make 1%

You will have to follow the following steps:

1. Upon entering the game, all players must pass two-factor authentication with the help of the code sent to an e-mail address.

2. Create or join an existing part. Confirm or wait for the enemy to be ready and launch an epic planetary battle!

3. Switch to full screen mode for a more comfortable game – tap the rectangle at the bottom right of the screen.

4. You can play with bot or another player to bet or in training mode.

Now let's talk about game mechanics

Each player has his own planet, his shield and his troops as well as his resources in bitcoins, Ethereum and Dash. Each currency has its own growth for each movement. In the classic game type, it is +2. Victory conditions are described in each type of game. Usually it is the destruction of the opposing planet or reaching the required level of the planet or accumulating a specific amount of all the resources. The player who first arrives at the goal wins and takes the bank.

Types and parameters of each specific combat:

• the time selection for each shot is 30/60/120 seconds

• a card game / indefinite game

• selection of the type of game "classic", "slow", "economic", "defensive". Each set provides different starting sets, resources, resources, vital units, shield and troops

• Practical mode – game without stake

Note: first game charge may take a while.

Have a good game