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In addition, when you feed your account, go ahead and click on invest the one I have marked on the screen capture. That is to invest from your BTC portfolio to the cryptonex dashboard, the investment button on the other side is to invest from your dashboard after funding it. When entering the amount in BTC with which you want to feed your account, always ignore the last two zeros of their example. For example, if you want to invest 0.002btc, do not enter 0.00200 but enter only 0.002btc. Your funds will be available on your cryptonex dashboard after 3 blockchain confirmations. From there, you can click on the investment button below your balance to invest the funds you have sent in the plan. After creating a repository successfully, you will get a gateway error and will be automatically logged out. You will also receive a letter informing you that the deposit is successful in the plan. Just clear your browser's cache and reconnect. They say it's a security measure, but I do not know how. Normally, I invested in a browser that I barely use and that I connect with the one that I normally use so as not to empty the cache on the browser that I like to use, I've added some screenshots and tagged some details to help you understand. What I am talking about Do not hesitate to ask more questions