NEW – reviews: RANK or LEGIT? | NewProxyLists is a betting site, they do mainly betty sports, live bets, virtual games, it can be used in Nigeria and Kenya,
Bets on always consist of simple deposits and withdrawals are done with a bank account.

How to start.

visit the official website and register using your phone number and your facebook account.

after that, you may want to deposit using your credit card. When I made a deposit, I received very high fees that did not please me.

although you will get 100% bonus, which is great.

How does the bonus work?

For example, if I deposit 1000 nairas, I will have a bonus that will be divided in about 5 and that I can use as a reduction bet, but this bonus has a specific time limit to expire, so use your bonus before you start. it is not.

Become a partner and win.A flawless stay

as an affiliate of, you will earn a 35% commission for life. all you need is to apply. You will receive banners and a link that you can promote on your website and win when you register under your affiliate link.

Advantages and disadvantages.

fast loading site.
the Sportsbet website is loading very quickly.

mobile friendly.
100% mobile, this brings a lot of people to use a mobile device, so it is very important.

High chances
High odds are important for betting, each player likes high odds. will give you extremely high odds.

High filing fees
I was charged about 50 nairas just to deposit, while most gaming sites do not even have a deposit fee

High withdrawal fees.
it all depends on your amount and type of account, the withdrawal fees are very high.

slow payment.
It took about 4 hours before the payment was reflected in my bank account.

Bad reviews on the internet.
After searching the Internet, I discovered that users were complaining of uncredited earnings after the end of a football match.

no casino
Many sports betting sites try to have a casino, but does not have a casino.

mobile app
the mobile application is 100% bug-free and also has a fast loading speed.

quick answer of the support
you can even chat live with the support and discuss a problem that will be solved.

Sportsbet is a gaming platform with thousands of registered users

do you use a sports bet?
what are your comments?