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This site is legitimate, it was successfully removed a few hours later after the publication of my first message.


You can see the picking rewards here:


Tip: Deposit a few $ 5 worth of coins, get an instant upgrade, and deposit your coins in an exchange and sell them.
You get a free upgrade for air drops and get the opportunity to perform counter parts without funding the site with too much money.

Who wants can use my reference right here.

You can withdraw any amount, but if you save money in the faucets, you can generate huge gains, and even more when you deposit your faucet earnings in a room than they do. support.
Sponsorship bonuses are also very generous.
On each bet, people make the site charge 2% of fees and give half to the referee.
These fees are always on the site, unless you use SCC parts, which the site provides to reduce costs. (You can also bet these)

Before claiming taps, click on the portfolios in the dashboard to generate an address. You can then claim the faucets once every 24 hours.