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Hi guys,

Today, I want to share with you streamlabs, a website on which you can stream to the cloud without having to download software or worry about which settings to choose to avoid delays.

It also offers many utilities for streamers such as robots and page feeds … but the advantage is that the website also offers an affiliate program that you can join now and who saves money. There is no need to register (no minimum YouTube subscribers or monthly visitors), but keep in mind that they will ban your account for attempting to deceive the system using encapsulated traffic / facilities.

To be paid, all you have to do is share your affiliate link. When someone downloads the streaming software and installs it, you will be paid $ 0.4 per install.
For an installation to be counted, these conditions must be met:

  • The facilities are accounted for when SLOBS is downloaded from your affiliate link.
  • The user has started a stream after the installation.

Another good thing about this affiliate program is that they will also pay $ 0.05, up to $ 10,000, for each facility of a selected charity of the month. Which is a positive gesture on their part, as it motivates more people to promote their links and your audience to install the software.

Regarding payments, the website contains clear information:

  • Affiliates will be paid on the 10th of each month (in San Francisco, California, USA)
  • Payments are processed through the PayPal account associated with your Streamlabs account.
  • You must reach a minimum of $ 10 to receive payments each month. If you do not meet the $ 10 minimum in a given month, do not worry, your funds will be deferred.

They also do not like people who use incentive strategies to convince people to download SLOBS (StreamLabs OBS), then they mention some bans:

  • The use of sites exploiting our program via the micro-tasking process will not be permitted.
  • Using Promotional Strategies Encouraging Users to Download, Install, and Delete SLOBS [to collect a “reward”] will not be allowed.
  • The use of these strategies will be considered false facilities and your account will be subject to a ban.
  • Running pay-per-click advertising campaigns on your affiliate link is not allowed. You will only be paid for unique installations that result from content you own, such as tutorials, blogs, and videos.

You can check their website below for more information and you can sign up as an affiliate if you like, it's free, and even if you want streaming software that Do not put a lot of pressure on your computer, you may like their software.

I will leave links below, so feel free to check them out or leave a comment below if you have a problem or question, I will try to answer as much as I can!

StreamLabs Affiliate Program: Link here

Thank you for reading !!