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Hi guys

First of all … a little context on me:
I ran an accommodation company about 12 years ago. I say company, it was never incorporated and I did it for 6 to 9 months, then sold because of the takeoff of my other company.

I am an SEO consultant and I manage my own cluster of sites on a VPS. I have an excellent team of developers and server administrators in India, with whom I have been working closely for over 10 years and with whom I have built good relationships.

It's been a long time since I wanted to go back to web hosting, but so far I really did not have a chance to do it because my other businesses were always a priority.

Beginner Question Time:
1. I think the hardest part might be running a server with just a handful of clients (shared hosting) because the RoI is very low. Is it recommended to buy back other hosts and acquire their existing customers for an instant cash flow?

2. I have never bought a web host before. Can someone offer advice on how to do it without being scammed? I know how easy it is to create fake whm accounts.

3. 12 years ago, I registered for hosting directories and selling basic website templates and e-book stores on eBay with hosting included … times have changed … what is the best way for a startup to win customers?

I am based in the UK and my servers are in the UK. I do not intend to overload my servers, I really want to get there and be the best host possible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and an apology for the very long first message.