newspaper rotation – logrotate rotation directive and daily to weekly migration

I have a server that collects syslog messages from the network. Logrotate is currently configured and running, and the configuration looks like this:
/ logs / * / log {
turn 60

Instead of turning everyday, I would like to weekly. Obviously, I'm holding 60-day newspapers, so I would probably change the turn 60 at turn 8, who would keep 8-week newspapers.

My questions are:
1) If I change from daily to weekly and keep 8 logs, when it runs, will logrotate delete the oldest 52 daily newspapers, or is it smart enough to notice file timestamps and realize that 8 weeks correspond to 2 months since?
2) If I run logrotate manually with the -F flag to force the rotation, and I have done it 8 times, would I effectively erase all the logs completely?
3) If I go in the logrotate.status file and manually delete a particular log, what will happen to that particular log the next time logrotate is run?