NFT design contest $100 or more

I’m having a NFT design contest for several designs. Each one pays $30 each. Here’s the instructions for the designs. Please match the color pink of all beavers faces bellow to my logo here

Here’s the logo image to be used bellow

1. Make a 800 by 800 NFT similar to to one provided Please make the beaver a little bit bigger. Color code for background is matte black 141414 color code. Make the beaver image a lighter shade of gray and have the gif transition from the gray beaver to pink. Please match the color pink of my website header.

2. Make a 800 by 800 image .gif format. Use the beaver image and make 4 of them in the animated gif. Make sure the color of them make the color pink on my logo. Make all 4 of the faces move in the animated .gif similar to here Make sure the background color is 1414 color code

3. Similar to this image change the color of my beavers faces to pink like in my logo. Here’s the original image Just change the beavers face to match the color of my logo. This is a static .jpg

4. Change the beavers faces the same as in this image Use less beavers faces and have them move around in the .gif