No matter who ranks for competitive keywords with the GSA suite of SEO software?

Has been testing GSA-SER for a few years now. It took me 2-3 years to really understand. So far, this does not put me on page 1 for competing keywords or even average competitors. (Anything that is local or with 3 words is not a competitive term.) It is not even ranked on page 1 for: city name real estate. I am above page 2 for city names by associating them with all my SEO tools, such as Ranker X, Scrapebox, etc. (most of them.)

People have to be simpler in the description of a software because GSA-SER is just a very complex website designer. It takes a list that it finds or that you give to it and submits your sites with different contents and in different ways. That's all !!! Nothing else. If your list is void, you will get nothing. Thus, the use of GSA-SER soon begins to look for sites on which the page you can submit is a high TF.

Most people do not know how to squat about SEO. Simply publishing to a site with a high priority domain (TF, high RP, or high DA) will not help you. To get something, you need the PA or TF of the exact page where you publish to be high. Google ranking is a top-down process. If one of the big dogs does not give you a link on his homepage or a link from a link from a link (and so on) that gets found on the homepage of one of the big dogs, you will rank for nothing. worthy of interest. It's as simple as that. In 2018, it is better to have 1 PR6 link (TF6) than 1 million PR1 links (TF0 or TF1).

Does anyone therefore have a better user guide or tips for ranking competing or moderately competitive keywords with the help of GSA-SER (or, in any case, not requiring not buying links.)