nokia 8 – The boot loader unlocked, but still can not boot or flash partitions

I've just been lucky in unlocking the bootloader on my Nokia 8.1. But it seems that I have not accomplished anything yet. Previously, when I tried to flash a partition via fastboot or start a boot image, I saw:

blinking is not allowed in the locked state

Now that I've successfully unlocked the bootloader (I can confirm via the deviceinfo command and also via the 5-second warning before booting), I encounter another hurdle:

the blinking is not rooted for the merged device

This seems to be some kind of extra check. The device shows on the screen (quick start mode) that fuse = activate. This sounds like an additional check for devices that have been unlocked to prevent unauthorized use. I do not know how to disable it. It probably comes from the kernel level or probably elsewhere. Can someone guide me in a direction that I should take next?
There should be a way to disable the fuse.