Northern Virginia Colo | 1U-42U | Excellent connectivity | Upgrade 100 TB free!, a division of Greybeard Technology LLC, is expanding its service offerings. We currently have an area immediately available for colocation needs. . Please write to if you have any questions.

Internet service providers

For all new packages below, feel free to receive a 100TB monthly transfer upgrade by sending an email to

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Single 1U Colo
1Amp Power (A / B)
30 TB on a 1 GB port
/ 29 IP space
$ 50 / month

2U Colo
2Amp Power (A / B)
30 TB on a 1 GB port
/ 29 IP space
$ 75 / month

Quarter Rack Colo
5 amps of power (A / B)
30 TB on a 1 GB port
/ 29 IP space
$ 199 / month

Half Rack Colo
10 amps power (A / B)
30 TB on a 1 GB port
/ 29 IP space
$ 399 / month

Colo full rack
2x 20 amps of power (A / B)
50 TB on a 1 GB port
/ 29 IP space
$ 749 / month

To order:…cation/&step=0

Add to:
Additional IP address
/ $ 24,150 / month

Power A / B 30 Amp 120v – $ 200 / Month

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Customer reviews:
"Working with Greybeard Technology for hosting virtual servers was a great experience, not only did they provide excellent service and 100% uptime, but they also reduced the costs of our previous provider by 33 percent. Server performance has been dramatically improved, and any delay due to disk queuing has completely disappeared, their support portal makes it easy to submit service requests, and their address is always expeditious. is no longer necessary to wait several days before getting a response. Reporting on server statistics, in addition to bandwidth usage, facilitating problem solving and scheduling. the capacity – NEXT Web Solutions