Now that we've done Bitcoin – Now what? – Lounge for beginners

Now that you have a method to create a BTC, what are you doing and getting paid to get more BTC?
Well, here's a way.

By far, the fastest and most interesting way to make money using the Internet would be to conduct surveys.

This method is suitable not only for the elderly, but also for pay-per-click enthusiasts who can generate revenue in this way. Just how? By simply logging into the website and generating points or credits that can be redeemed for cash. This is transferred to your paypal, payza, moneybookers or better on your bitcoin account. It's really very inexpensive and after your initial withdrawal, immediate.

You can get surveys that require a lot of skills based on your profile, but most of the time, they do not depend on your skills. You would need a little luck to be at your best.
Do not be surprised if you can not be chosen for a specific survey. Consider others or take a break.

You can also become an affiliate of these survey websites offering online survey / task / ptc sites for cash.
– Do the investigation. S & # 39; identify
– Generate your reseller link
– Create a blog, a video, write / tweet / tumbl / digg – Whateverrr
– Use the experience to give a reference
– Send traffic to your blog, etc., to the link of these sites offering online surveys
– Earn free online money

Now with "superpayme" you can earn more bitcoin by promoting your sight.
Just click on the "World Wide Offers" tab and follow the instructions.

So, enjoy this method and have fun.