ntfs – Laptop hard drive failure, display partition but can not copy data, testdisk MBR code failure

I'm using a 2TB hard drive on my laptop with a 250GB partition for Windows 10 and support for data storage. I changed my laptop, so I moved the hard drive from the old laptop to the new one and started the system. The Windows logo appeared, but a laptop broke down in a minute, then nothing worked. I've pulled out the hard drive and plugged it externally to another Windows 10 system where it displays both the mounted partition with their respective sizes. When I open the drive, it also displays the folders, but when I open or copy a folder, the error message "The device is not ready".

I've tried using minitool and recuva data recovery, but nothing has been detected.

Then I plugged the hard drive externally to the Ubuntu system. Gparted shows 3 partitions, 1) reserved ntfs system 549 MiB, 2) ntfs Windows 250 GB, 3) ntfs 1.57 TiB. But the direct data copy or the test disk fails.

I've used testdisk to analyze lost partitions but nothing is reported even during a thorough search. I then used the MBR code but it failed.

I've also used gddrescue to copy the entire disk image, which has run for about 24 hours and made up the 800 GB image file. Here's the log output:

# Rescue log file. Created by GNU ddrescue version 1.19
# Command line: ddrescue / dev / sdb / media / v / Seagate Backup Plus disk / copy.img / media / v / Seagate Backup Plus disk / status.log
# Start time: 2018-11-29 12:16:31
Current Time: 2018-11-30 11:33:28
# Copy of untested blocks ... Pass 1 (before)
# current_pos current_status
# status of the pos size
0x00000000 0xBF655E0000 +
0xBF655E0000 0x00010000 *
0xBF655F0000 0x00010000?
0xBF65600000 0x7F078000 +
0xBFE4678000 0x00008000 *
0xBFE4680000 0x00010000?
0xBFE4690000 0xA9DC0000 +
0xC08E450000 0x00010000 *
0xC08E460000 0x00010000?
0xC08E470000 0xDDADC000 +
0xC16BF4C000 0x00004000 *
0xC16BF50000 0x00010000?
0xC16BF60000 0xAE950000 +
0xC21A8B0000 0x2E166F25E00?

I have important data in the data partition, so I do not want to take risky steps. So, I am now posting this question for help.

Please suggest how to recover the data on the disk.

Thank you very much in advance.