nvidia – definitive guide for installing nvida, cuda and cdDN drivers

Getting NVIDIA drivers and installing CUDA on my 18.10 laptop was a nightmare. Periodically breaking my graphics, programs ranging from core dump to inappropriate memory, through the use of VRAM, nothing that I have done so far has worked properly. I would like to install these items properly so I can continue my life and start programming the items that are important to me, but I'm still not sure how to perform a proper installation. The proprietary pilots are ok, if they allow me to properly use my cuda cores.

My machine is a legion Lenovo Y530, equipped with a mobile NVIDIA GTX 1060, running Ubuntu Mate 18.10.

I've tried installing the Nvidia OEM mobile driver, GTX 1060. It fails to install, and then breaks my graphics where I left by connecting via a shell.
I have tried the version of cuda (version 9.1) of the repository, but it seems to be incompatible with the version of my current NVIDIA graphics card, nvidia-driver-390. I did not even have to install cuDNN because problems with the first two prevented it.