odnd – Find the deceased d & d box of his father in the attic. Any additional information would be appreciated

I recently found an old edition of d & d in the attic of my father's house. And while I found information about the cabinet itself; I believe that the print is close to the original because of the mention of Hobbits and Ents in the booklet "Men and Magic".

The information regarding the plethora of other documents found inside the box is not as readily available. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could provide information or links that could point me in the right direction.

I have tried to include pictures of some of the objects found in the box and in the box itself. I've also found figurines that, I believe, go with the game (I also think that the miniatures are made of lead, because of the age and smoothness with which the metal seems to be) .

Also, my goal in getting this information is to try to better understand my father when we were young (he would have been 14-15 years old in 1974) and why he never shared this with me because I I would have loved playing this or a more recent version of D & D with him before he passed away.

And as the quality of the photos is awful (I will try to improve it soon), I list here the titles of the found objects:

Dungeons and Dragons, Rules for Fantastic Medieval Wargames Campaigns with Paper, Miniature Pencils and Figurines Gygax & Arneson 3 Volumes Package published by Tactical Studies Rules Price $ 10.00 (Includes three booklets, correction sets and lists of 39; objects / weapons / monsters)

The ring bearer of Dan Bress and Ed Konstant illustrated by Wendall Hill

Kranor-Ril number 1 (with an editorial by Chip Charnley, editor): "The Vadhagh": a new class of characters from the Chronicles of Corum, vol. 1-3

And thank you for your time and your knowledge.D & D box The ring bearerKranor-RilThe vadhaghKranor-Ril # 2