office 365 – SharePoint Online Forms Customization via Power App need License for End User?

There are quite many End Users (Internal, External & Guest) for the SharePoint Online Site and some are licensed to E1, E3, plans but most of them are guest/external users.

We are planning to :

  • Customize SharePoint Online List Forms via Power Apps
  • Create Custom Apps based on Multiple SharePoint Lists and Embed them inside Modern Pages.

Do we need to procure Power App licenses for all of the End Users (Internal, Guest & External) even though they are just performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Operations on Data from Power Apps form. And most of the End Users, say 90% will never create or share any Power App, they just use it.

Technically as per Microsoft, we need to procure a PowerApp License for all of the End Users either via E1, E3, E5, Office Plans, or via individual Power App plans.

Please suggest, what could be the best way to mitigate Power Apps Licensing cost?