office 365 – Storage of HTML website archives on Sharepoint?

I have an old intranet site on which I created an archive with the help of HTTrack – with the folder located on my computer (Mac or Windows), I can browse the copy properly.

What I would like to do, is to download it (one way or another) on our Office 365 client (SharePoint or Onedrive seem to be the solution), but I do not do not see how to make Sharepoint a "stupid" host. . Is it even possible?

I see that I can synchronize SharePoint "folders" or anything with local computers – and that the navigation would work that way, but that is heavier.

Basically, is there a way to make SharePoint act like GitHub Pages? I would like SharePoint share / security / login features, but I do not want to translate more than the archive of my site.

I do not need or desire to edit the pages once they are displayed. In fact, I would use GitHub pages if they are not public and I do not want to introduce a new tool if I do not have to (and I want to use our Office 365 subscriptions as much as possible).

This could be related although it seems to apply to a particular product.