openldap – Ignore or modify the LDAP home directory on Linux systems

Is there a way to ignore or modify the homeDirectory LDAP directory on some Linux clients, that is, workstations?

Final goal:

I'm trying to use our database of LDAP users, while keeping the basic directories on the SSDs of our workstation, but by mounting our shared home directory under the same path.


I am working on a heterogeneous cluster + HPC desktop environment, which shares NFS and LDAP. The LDAP configuration includes the homeDirectory attribute, which is correctly read on all computers to be on the NFS share (or BeeGFS on clusters).

The LDAP server runs openldap, while the workstations run nscd with the /etc/pam.d/common-password and /etc/nsswitch.conf changes.
In addition, I set up a test workstation with nslcd, in order to change the value of homeDirectory via /etc/nslcd.confas described in LDAP User Directory.

For cluster nodes, everything is clear and the home directories are on the shared network drive (via BeeGFS in this case).

For workstations, I would like to use local SSDs for local home directories, but still mount the cluster home directories under their exact path because many users use absolute paths. It does not bother me ~ user and $ HOME paths.

What is the proper way to replace the homeDirectory attribute with a computer?