Optical – What's a good reference for the technological aspects of modern digital photography?

What's a readable and technically detailed reference on the technology involved in modern digital cameras, raw file conversion and digital image processing? (Perhaps a complete answer requires a collection of books, as these are vast and somewhat disjoint.) In order not to duplicate an existing question here (see below), I would like to ask a specific question about the books published in the last 8 years. , about.

I am not afraid if it requires technical training. Most of the materials I've found only give high-level explanations. For example, I found that the video-recorded course by Marc Levoy at Google was an exemplary survey and that, although he was not afraid of the technical details, it was not possible to give full explanations in the time outsourced for each subject. I have followed this course and I am looking for more details and accuracy.

I am interested in all aspects of digital photography, but currently, I am trying to understand how the camera sensor captures data, how that data is stored as a raw file and how this raw file is processed by a conversion software into a & # 39; & # 39; perceptual. accurate image '. My goal is to understand what my tools do, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, in order to create more convincing images.

A previous version of this question was posted on this site more than 7 years ago. One of the answers suggested the 10th edition of the Manual of Photography, which seems to be essentially what I ask. However, it does not seem to provide much information (in relation to its size) on the digital imagination, and more importantly, it is almost 8 years old. At the current rate of technological progress, this makes it extremely obsolete. Are there more recent books published since this question that could also be useful?