optimization – Query products count in the category using knuckles and indexes, but are too slow, can they be optimized?

I have selected (used to give me a number of products activated in the category with a price> 0):

FROM product p
 JOIN product_php_display_price ppdp ON ppdp.shop_id = 1 AND p.id = ppdp.product_id AND
ppdp.currency_id = 1
 JOIN shop_product_tree spt ON p.id = spt.product_id AND spt.shop_id = 1
 AND (state = "enabled" OR state = "disabled_for_buy")
 AND ppdp.php_display_price > 0

There are multicolumn indexes for each table used (also several different multicolumn indexes).

The product_php_display_price table has a multicolumn index (shop_id, product_id, currency_id, php_display_price).

The table product uses index (product_id, state).

Each table has 208,000 rows. Is there a way, how to speed that up? On my local machine, it takes about 2 seconds. Thank you.