oracle sqldeveloper – Error in the SQL statement

Okay, I have an exercise that uses sqldevelop and I see my sentence equal to that of the teacher but I give myself an error and no
the exercises is this program odificar PL / SQL which makes it possible to increase by 10% the salary of an employee whose number is entered on the keyboard.

cursor curs (number of argument) IS
SELECT * FROM temple where numen = argument for salar update;
save curs% rowtype;
to start
OPEN curs (& Number_employee);
FETCH curs INTO register;
UPDATE temple SET salar = salar * 1.1 PLACE OF THE CURRENT
CLOSE curs;

This is the link of the script in case you would like to try

Error Report -
ORA-06550: line 3, column 32:
PL / SQL: ORA-00904: "NUMEN": Invalid identifier
ORA-06550: line 3, column 5:
PL / SQL: SQL statement ignored
ORA-06550: line 2, column 12:
PLS-00341: The cursor declaration & # 39; CURS & # 39; is incomplete or poorly formed
ORA-06550: line 4, column 14:
PL / SQL: ignored element
ORA-06550: line 7, column 18:
PLS-00320: the type declaration of this expression is incomplete or poorly formed
ORA-06550: line 7, column 2:
PL / SQL: SQL statement ignored
06550. 00000 - "line% s, column% s:  n% s"
* Cause: Usually a PL / SQL compilation error.