ORO Commerce and Windows 10 Installation

I am new to Orocommerce and I think I have found the right solution for my future project. But first, I want to install OroCommerce, OroCRM and OroPlatform on my local Windows machine in a development environment. I would like to install a prototype that I could customize and extend. After a few weeks of testing, I managed to install orocommerce 3.1.5, orocrm 3.1.6 and oroplatform 3.1.6 under xampp3.2.3 on Windows 10

All (three) in different directories:
C: Data tools xampp-7.2.16 htdocs oroco3t
C: Data tools xampp-7.2.16 htdocs orocrm316
C: Data tools xampp-7.2.16 htdocs oropla316

Same procedure for installation:

2) Launch the Windows command prompt

3) set PATH = C: Data tools xampp-7.2.16 php ;% PATH%

4) Navigate to the source directory, for example C: Data tools xampp-7.2.16 htdocs orocom3.1.6

5) run: dial install -dry-run (check it's missing something)

6) create an empty database in mysql (under xampp) with phpmyadmin

7) update the name of the database in config / parameters.yml

8) launch: composer install -prefer-dist -no-dev

9) execute: php bin / console oro: install -env = dev -timeout = 24000

possibly run
php bin / console oro: assets: install -timeout = 24000
install assets

10) run: php bin / console oro: message queue: consume

All successfully installed, the output information:

Oro Application has been successfully installed in dev mode.
To run an application in the prod mode, run the cache: clear command with the -env = prod parameter.

Make sure that at least one customer service is running. Use the oro: message-queue: consume command to launch a consumer service instance. See https://oroinc.com/orocrm/doc/current/install-upgrade/post-install-steps#activate-background-tasks for more information.

My problem:

What are the next steps. How can I start the web interface to start the application? The URL: "http: // localhost / oropla316" that I mentioned during the installation.

Configuration of the administration.

URL of the application (http: // localhost): http: // localhost / oropla316

Name of the organization (ORO):

is not accessible, even the web server on Xampp is running and the databases are accessible. What are the next steps after installation?

Thank you